Strategic plan is the collection of activities that are channeled towards the achievement of organizational goals. It involves all that company’s executives and directors do in order to meet the demands of the various stakeholders with an almost insatiable wants. These challenges that needs to be met includes; government regulations, customers continuous demand for quality product at a reduced price, competitors action, natural phenomenon, technological breakthrough, etc

All the measures taken by business owners and mangers to effectively manage all that surrounds business operation are known as strategic plans. Therefore, IT (Information Technology / infotech) strategic plans are those measures taken by companies to get the best out of their investment in IT. There are no two ways of making it in business if you don’t understand how to set and implement strategic plan.

This article is written to give you my personal, tested and trusted tips on how to set strategies and implement them to get results from your IT investment.


Understand the need of the company: the first thing that must be done is to understand what the company actually needs before you even think of making any IT investment. It will be useless making huge investment into the most sophisticated IT and network infrastructure if you don’t know what the needs of your company are and then work towards meeting those needs. So, understanding what the needs of your company is the first step in the right direction as far as IT strategic plan is concerned.

Weigh the actions of the competitors: consider what your competitors are doing, before spending a dime on IT. If investing in the project will give you and your company, then their may be no point wasting your money on it. Gone are the days when businesses invest in IT products just to show off.

Sourcing for IT infrastructures to meet your organizational needs: when you are satisfied that your investing in IT will place you in a strategic position, then, send out letter of invitation to prospective vendors.

Evaluating and appraising possible outcomes from investing in each of the identified IT investment opportunity: at this phase of the investment process, techniques are employed to evaluate and appraise possible outcomes of making any of the identified investment opportunity.

Select the right choice in the light of company’s need and available features: based on the evaluation and analysis made above, you may now select the best alternative that best meet your needs and that of your company. the selection phase is the simplest phase of implementing IT strategic planning.

Acquire the selected IT infrastructure: this is the acquisition phase. Care should be taken here to ensure that the right description and specifications are actually acquired.

Educate your workers: your system will still malfunction if you have the best IT and network facilities without educating your staff members on how to use the already purchased equipment.

Implement operation: start operating your newly acquired equipment. Make sure that the asset turnover ratio does not fall below what is expected.

Monitor and control outcome: without control and monitoring, actions becomes useless and worthless. You need to constantly monitor your performance through a feedback process. This feedback process can come from any source provided it is not biased.

Until you and your company become aware of the importance of setting up and implementation of IT strategic plan.

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