Spywares are malicious codes that resides in our computer to cause different kinds of harm. Some of those harms are noticed as a result of the malfuctioning that we notice in our computer. The majority of spywares however do not disrupt the operation of our computers. Hence, the essence of this article.

I took an Oath to review the operations of most soft-wares out there after the Company I represent lost its vital business secret to its competitors as a result of the use of software that is supposed to be protecting it.

It seemed all hope was lost after we lost our vital business secret to our competitors. I did not loose hope because of the lost of vital information to our competitors but because this was actually caused by a software whose primary function was to protect our information from intruders (identity thieves).

It all started on The 20th of May, 2008 when my Company (the Company I represent suffered a great loss in terms of sales revenue and profit due to lost of its planned unique promotional campaign. This led to the acquisition of three soft-wares (Anti-Spy-ware, Anti-Mal-ware and Anti-Ad-ware) that we believed to be the best in the market. You can imagine the peace of mind we had after installing these heavy and expensive “protect-ional software” on our systems.

We whole-heartedly transferred some of our hard copy core business secrets to our system (Just as innocent as a baby will fall into the arms of the Mother).

You guessed right! This time we were HIT even bigger. This singular event swung me into action. I went underground; I started contacting owners of various software companies, presenting them with some mouth watery offer to let out secrets of some sort of rapport with the owner(s). Some turned down the offer, while some gladly accepted the offers. The Cruz of the matter is that amongst those that accepted my offer was one of the so-called producers of the ‘ANTIs’ that our company bought into.

This then led me into further research and discovered that most of the software companies include one or two malicious code into their software.

Here are some of the precautions to take before installing soft-wares in your system.

  • Get testimonies from previous users of the product you intend using (possible if the company is old)
  • Ask for presentation date. After the presentation, take the computer to a security expert for examination if there is no in-house expertise.
  • Run the software on a system (computer) that those not contain vital information for a period of time before installing in other systems.
  • Buy software that has been reviewed by a trusted reviewer. The question here is; who is TRUSTED.
  • Always be on the lookout for your information without.

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