Motivation is the key to all that we do as living people. There is this Universal bank account that nature gave to everybody. What we do with ours is purely up to us. We all have the same amount of money deposited in it irrespective of our status in the society (politically and economically). The most funny part of it all is that this account will always go in the RED at the end of the financial year (in this case time year) whether we spend it or not.

Your question at this point will be “what will one do now to keep this account out of RED”. well. the simple answer is to be motivated and every other things will be taken care of. If you are looking for yet analytical tool for time management, sorry, this is not the right article for you.

I have no problem with all the time management techniques out there, in fact, I use most of them on a regular basis, but motivation comes first. and that is probably why I had time to write this article you are reading now.

first, you have to find a reason for whatever you are doing. until this is done, your day can be extended to 72 hours or more without you achieving a single thing. have you ever lost concentration while working on something before? Now, one will be wondering how and where on earth will I find the reason for what I am doing. My question to these class of people is : why do you defy all odds of inertia to go to work on Monday morning? Did I hear you say to keep your job? Fine then, that is enough reason to find joy in what ever you find yourself into.

After you most have found the reason, make it work in your favour rather than against you. For instance, you have activities lined up for you this weekend that you may not have the time to take your clothes to the laundry, tidy up your table in the office for fresh work(s) On Monday morning. On the other hand, your activities for the weekend are so important that you cannot afford to miss because of the knowledge and experience you stand to gain from there.

This is no doubt a tricky situation. I have found my self in this situation on several occasion. but guess what, I INVITE motivation to take over all other time management techniques.